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Busted: Debunking Management Myths with Logic, Experience and Curiosity

Peter de Jager is the author, along with Ashok Soota, of a book on busting management myths . The book is published by Harper Collins and is due for release at the end of September.

Check the HarperCollins site HERE. 


In conjunction with the book launch, Peter will conduct workshops on 2 themes:

1) A new course he's creating on the Management Myths discussed in the new book such as; Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, It’s Lonely at the Top, Best Practices and so on. It will focus on working with participants to avoid such myths and overcome cognitive bias. 
This is a one-day workshop. 

2) The second course is a popular one that Peter offers on 'Change Management'. It will focus on why Change is desirable and why resistance to Change is both necessary and desirable.  the myths of Change Management, the value, and flaws of human behavioral models, the applicability of a variety of Change Models to Organizational CM, the single point of failure in CM and the Seven Questions of Change. This could be a 1-day masterclass or a 2-day workshop. 


Sandhya Mendonca, the co-author of “Busted!” will introduce the speaker and topic at the workshops.


Target Audience: The workshops are useful to people at various levels of leadership & management.
   - Managers and Leaders currently involved in any aspect of decision making, either for their personal
      growth or for the development or daily operations of their organization.
   - Those who mentor employees for career advancement.

   - Those seeking to advance their own career.

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