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Thank you!  Thank you for participating in our webinar series!    We hope that you enjoy the webinars, and that they provide you with ongoing value. We certainly enjoy presenting, and are committed to continuing to maintain the high quality that you have come to expect of us.


At the same time, delivering these webinars comes at a cost. There is the cost of maintaining our webinar platform, and our REP status. There is the cost of the images that go into making our slides fun to look at. There is the cost of our time -- dozens of hours every month -- to get the webinar just right in preparation for delivery. And there is the opportunity cost of a day of our time, so that we are available to deliver it and so we have the luxury of delivering it well.

If we were to bill you for the preparation and delivery of a single webinar, the cost would quite literally be in the thousands of dollars. For you, our audience, we make it available live for free. We recognize some of you aren't in a position to donate and support us, and that's OK; if the series has value, we want you to still be here and join us. At the same time, many of you receive significant value through learning new ideas, blowing the cobwebs off of old ideas and through maintaining your certifications. What we ask for in return is your support. Please consider making a supporting contribution to help enable us to keep delivering the high quality of programming you have come to expect. What that amount is we leave to you to decide; think of the value, and make a contribution that you feel is fair.

You can support the webinar series with... a supporting subscription (see below) for ongoing viewing of the webinars live

Regardless of whether you decide to subscribe, you're free to watch all of the recordings on the Vimeo site.  In advance, thank you.

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